अजीब सी कश्मकश थी उस खामोशी में,

कुछ बात जो ज़ुबाँ पर न आ सकी,

वोह ख़ामोशी ने कह दी |


She is a strong woman…

The hardest walk you can make is alone. But it’s the walk that will make you stronger.

Quote that aggrieved her

Strong women who values rapport

Knows to fight battles alone.


Outer crust is hard like tortoise

But desires to blossom.

Not a feminist nor believes in patriarchy

But supports equality.


Doesn’t need someone to fill up voids

But thinks of companionship

Lures for abiding relationship.


Aspiration may not be high

But longs respect, dignity.


Afraid to go beyond ethics

As aware grudges might be hard to swallow.

As is aware of toxicity and serendipity.

As is aware of cacophony and harmony.


Not afraid to rebel…

If found taken granted for…

If found taken advantage for…

If found being misused for…

If found being tormented for…

Misconducts that vexes her…


All forms of Goddess reside in her

But knows when to portray them.


Not afraid to take risk…

But with poise and grace.


Patience goes synonymous

Investigation, Spying, Detailing

Just the part of hobby or profession.


May be multitasking role made her so…

May be cultivating mind made her so…

She is today’s woman !!!


With a perception,

“Don’t be scared to walk alone, Don’t be scared to like it.”- John Mayer

Her definition on friendship….


A word that reminds her of a wonderful quote by Abraham Lincon:

“If friendship is your weakest point than you are the strongest person in the world”


A wonderful relationship…

Where there is no restriction…demands…expectations

Just a mere understanding…

An emotional bonding…

When the conversation is never succinct,

But the conclusion is always condor.

When the awkward situation arises,

They are aware to placate you

From the boiling point to freezing point.

Their presence makes you smile serenely.

Who may laugh at your innocence,

But will guide you to tackle hurdles.

Who may yell at your for your virtues,

But will protect you from malpractitioners.

Who are attentive when you blabber,

But will ask you to broaden your vision.

Who are there to wipe your tears.

But will teach you to learn self-esteem.

At times you feel…

How are they more aware of …

Your flows and flaunts,

Your loudness and abnormalities.

Your anxiety and serenity.

Why are they the ones you can trust upon…

Why are time spent with them always resplendent?


The only answer she knows…

“A friend who understand your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile.”

Image courtesy: IndiaCelebrating.com

Her heart murmurs….

Tiny little hands with mini fingers

Ready to revolve with righteous steps

Moves taught by parents.


With some dreams in eyes

With some vision to achieve

With some curiosity to explore

With some gestures to express.


Debilitated legs may stumble

Sensitive skin may scratch

Sometimes path may deviate

Sometimes learning may be obtuse.


But I am sure…

Will be safe in your energetic hands

Will be at ease in your warmth

Will flourish under your affinity


As I am aware…

“Nobody on Earth can ever love you more than your parents”

Image Courtesy : Pixabay


ये रिश्ते भी बड़े अजीब है,

कुछ अपने आप बन जाते है,

और कुछ वक्त निकलने पर भी नाकामयाब |

कुछ बातें ज़ुबान पर आती नहीं
कुछ चीज़े समझा सकते नहीं
कुछ बातें अनकही सी रह जाती है
कुछ चीज़े ज़ुबान पर आते रुक जाती है|

कभी लगे वक्त जैसे थम जाये,
कभी लगे हवा मोड़ बदल दे,
कभी लगे शायद ये सपने अधूरे ही सही है या थे,
कभी लगे रब की मर्जी पे खफा हो जाते है |

पर जब इन लोगों को देखूं तो लगे…
बड़े खुदगर्ज होते वो लोग,
जिन्हे रिश्तों की पर्वा नहीं,
कभी उन्हें पुछो, जो अनाथ है |

फिर लगे….
शायद माँ-बाबा ने यही सिखाया है,
शायद रब से खफा होना बेबुनियाद है,
या फिर लगे…
शायद ईश्वर की मर्जी कुछ और थी |

She thinks- Assumptions are results of Lack of Communication

There is a famous quote by Henry Winkler – “Assumptions are the termites of any relationships”

But she thinks, “Assumptions are results of Lack of Communication”

Below chronology might surprise

May even seem awkward to realise

May sound archaic, but both terms have interconnection.

May appear juxtaposed, but both terms have correlation.


Assumption, Communication

Presumption, Confrontation

Suspicion, Comprehension

Speculation, Conception

Complication, Clarity

Arguments, Acceptance

Unclear thoughts, Strong belief

Depreciation, Appreciation

Remoteness, Closeness

Isolation, Assimilation

Deduction, Conclusion

Separation, Coalition



Each step classifies sequel of events: “Assumption & Communication” trails

Proceedings an individual follows in the relationship….

Path resulting into: Separation or Coalition…

Why not pursue the path of communication, unclear the assumption???

Why not form a strong bond, than guilt later ???

Annihilation: She realised that she dealt with a Narcissist very late

Narcissism – a word that prompted me to write a true story.

I often write short and crisp poems but somehow this word could not stop me from narrating this. Hope you take your precious time reading it.

A story of a naive, innocent, religious young girl who had been leading an independent path,  given up on finding a partner again for herself. She had to deal with tough married life from which she could recover only with help of parents, family and friends.

Her only motto in life was to spread love, keep on making friends and be good to others. Her friends relied on her for her loyalty, generosity. Her names varied from every individual she met.

One day she meets a boy and somehow felt to make him a friend. But circumstances did not give her a chance to say it to a boy. They accidently get connected exactly a year after through a matrimony site. They meet up at a public place and girl for the first time feels connected, it appeared as if “meeting of the mind” to her. Some thought, some discussion, which she wanted to communicate just went in flow…She being an introvert did not feel like saying that to a boy. They separate with happy notes.

Being spiritual believed that finally God sent her a ‘massiah’ after 10 years of her separation from her husband leading to divorce. But thought that let the time decide the destiny. They talked for some days but came a day when there was a rift due to his impulsive behaviour. The girl showed him a mirror for some of his tactics just through simple conversation as those things did not seem right to her. His behaviour like ‘being rude, revealing that he had been in multiple relationship after divorce and the worst one – not informing about her to his parents yet (she wanted to clear the doubt about the relationship, asked to know her position in his world), but he shouted at her, she assumed that as his mood swing.

But aghast…

When they met after a week or so…he had put certain condition to their relationship and asked her. The terms she was not even aware of, did not even know that such forms of relationship also exist. She decided to have patience as always.

They continued their conversation over the phone…she remained loyal and true while he had other thoughts for her. She despite being practical and emotionally intelligent was bit lured towards him. May be because he seemed positive, confident, frank and honest to her initially. During their courtship days – she felt his rudeness but being calm and firm believer of humanity considered it as his human emotions. She thought may be a day would arrive she would tell him all or he would realise that all – the day when these complications would be resolved. Being bit elder to him, considered all these as his premature behaviour. But came the day… he showed his real face with erotic thoughts for her. She was frequently put in an awkward situation as well , something against her ethics too. But now she feels, actually she was scapegoated for the things she did not do with words like ‘loud, paranoid and when she tried to confront he said he merely said much to her’.

But still stayed firm to her belief of remaining mum, thinking that God knows it all. She gradually began thinking,, ” Is she actually ‘loud or paranoid or need balance of mind or so?’ Frankly, this was the trick to weaken her. The phase she had to pass 10 years back…with her ex-husband while undergoing divorce case.

She felt, ” The girl who is now standing like a rock with family, for whom her parents and family, friends matter the most. To whom all these people are all proud of even after undergoing a trauma of divorce…does she really need balance of mind??”

But then came the day…when she was asked for a favour from him…He needed money as was going through financial crisis… She was molested with his words, ” You trust me with your self, then I guess money means nothing to you, right???”. She was bit confused as he was also working and earning more than her. But as always she thought, “He must be in need”, gave or landed him with trust. They met a day after, again as usual he seemed nice to her. But then he just disappeared, no clue about him.

She persuaded him or rather texted him for more than a month to at least meet up and converse. But he denied with some excuses and she believed them all, got herself busy with work to hide her feelings. He almost vanished after his needs were fulfilled in terms of finance, emotional and physical needs. She was puzzled but had no clue related to his behaviour …She asked once or twice…the answer was “I am suffering from fever, so at home, resting.” Sometimes the excuses were,” Busy with work or have to be somewhere”. She just like an idiot believed that too.

They met finally after more than 1 month of their separation, just a persuation from her end and no communication from his end, a day to make that made her realize many things. He told her, “He is getting married and was busy with preparation and all. Meeting after a long time, may things have changed.” It was total bizzare to her, as she could find that there is no sign of a grudge, shock or anything on his face. She was just surprised.

She had nothing to say to him at that point of time. Just wanted to stabilize as they met at a public place near to her home. She was almost speechless.  She called up her friends as he left from that cafeteria. They made her realise his dirty intentions. She could not even cry as had to face parents too.She thought of asking ‘Did you meeting me from the matrimony app or the dating app?, Wise man never speak this.’ One of her worst night her pillow only knows her anger, fear, frustration and cry. Next day when she asked for her money back, she received brutal and rude language, emotional discard, and mental torture with harsh words from him. She now realized many things of him…felt sympathy for the woman who was getting married to him.

She went back to her flashback mode…his truth, drama, honesty were all fake. Similar to something she felt 10 yrs back with her ex-husband who had live-in relationship with her secretary and she being loyal took care of him, his family and help him n family financially without realizing the intention of her in-laws and husband. When she found out their truth after 1.9 yrs of married life, they mentally, physically tortured her and moreover harassed for divorce. But the time when she informed these things to her family and they stood by her and confronted him, he just remained ruthless and left her with no contact as if she had no position in his life, she was nothing to him. The battle she fought for her existence in a court for 5 years.

Just the same feelings of being cheated, betrayed by two players, manipulators…

did they actually know the meaning of true love..does the term’love’ actually exist in this world?

did they actually know the meaning of purity…does the term ‘purity’ actually exist in this world?

She analysed both her situation…Is it that she could not communicate? Is it that she didn’t want to? Is it that she relied upon them too much that she forgot her own identity? Is it that she followed what all Indian girls do? Is there something wrong in what her parents preached and taught? Is it that the literate girls still need to think twice before trusting anyone?

She realized the difference between…

Trust and lust, faith and fake, emotions and games, belief and betray, man-kind and manipulator

She realized the difference between EMPATH and NARCISSIST

The former was all her and later was all him.

She realized later that she was a just a victim of the narcissists

But she got strong after months and could tackled them both her ways…

May be the winner of the battle with mind and emotions…

The battle that makes her strong like a stone…

She began analyzing…the characteristics of a narcissist…

Thin structure, Sharp nose, Bulging eyes

Rough, Ruthless, Religionless is the behaviour

Self-centered, Ego-centric, Attention-seeker is the attitude

Proud, Provoked, Arrogant, Argumentative are add ons

Abuse, Torchure, Weaken the Victim is fun to them

Emotionally, Mentally, Financially Harass Victim is Their Game Plan

May even extend to Physical Harassment as well …

Moral of the story…

Both the boys are married…but do their spouse know the reality of these boys…There must be many ‘she’ in the society…Is it worth remaining quite…Isn’t it a time to raise a voice again such narcissist prevailing in society…

She left ‘him’ just like her former husband as she knew the feeling of pain, hurt, betrayed, shattered and much more. She didn’t want the other women in her former husband or ‘his’ life to go through the same.

So, it is essential for an empath not to trust people blindly, if possible talk and share things with friends, family, cousins who will guide you well as they are always by your side and know your worth.

So truly said and accepted, “When you trust a person, you have them for life or you learn a lesson of life”