Why do we meet undesirable people in our life???

via Daily Prompt: Inkling

We often wander about the reason to meet people accidentally in our lives.

Do you believe that everything in our lives happens for a reason?

Are we destined for it?Is it the cosmic reason of the universe?

Even if you agree with this or not but the answer to such puzzle is always an inkling.

Our journey through life is never smooth. The road appears unruffled but is hard. Occurrence of such strangers in our life is due to the cosmic reaction of the universe.

Some people often enter our lives for a short span. They may appear as stranger but they have come to serve some purpose in your life or to teach you a lesson. They can be toxic or a non-toxic ones. Some may arrive as acquaintances but end up staying for long. In simple words, every individual we meet has a purpose to serve in our life: Be it a lesson or add value to our life. Life happens when you least expect it.

The time would vary: depending upon the amount of time we take to learn the lesson they are up in our life to teach. Our soul always desire to learn new things and such strangers approach us invariably. Just come to think of it, there are around billion of people across the globe, yet only few of them only matter to us. This cannot be by an accident, we are all predestined to meet with such incidents.

Have you ever analysed, why some people rub you in a complete wrong way…misunderstandings, violence and many more. While some send you negativity…or at times we tend to behave against our moral and ethics…toxic or narcissist personality. Such people remain with us for a short duration and disappear or the universe allow them to leave you. Just because you were yet to learn some lessons to deal with the rest of the world.

At the same times, universe also sends us some magnetic personality as well, the ones who are meant to awaken us – our innermost potential that would have remained stuck unless they did not enlighten us. They help us grow, greet us on our journey…who unconsciously cheer us. They share the same or similar mission…they stay with us.

So all we have to do is listen to the compass of our heart !!!





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