A wonderful creature on Earth

via Daily Prompt: Creature

The movement i see you, a phrase that hits me hard.

‘A wonderful creature on Earth’.

Bewildered with the colors you are articulated with,

Making me see the complexity of human emotions.

Forbearance you imbibe while forming your nest,

Allows me to accept mood swings of surroundings,

Comprehend me to face hurdles for achieving goals.

Your faithful indulgence in hatching your eggs,

Teaches me to be loyal & trustworthy to all.

Insight you preach little ones for realising enemies,

Trains me to grasp that insight to judge the enemies.

Hustle n Bustle you have on daily life to attain food,

Educate me to be a multitasker in dealing the obstacles.

Glitter in your eyes when you see little ones fly n elope,

Instigates to sacrifice things not in my hand & leave.

Magnificent are your learning to mankind,

No wander you are ‘A wonderful creature on Earth’.







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