Premonition: Sigh of relief

Her heart beat went fast;

As she peeps through the window;

Dim light of the street;

Silence of the dark night;

Was choking her soul.

Reminded her of the premonition;

She was suffering since morning;

The time her daughter left for outings.

The fear of a protective mother,

As her daughter is yet growing,

And mother is aware of today’s scary life.

The flashbacks of her raising appeared fast;

The courage gathered for raising her;

Struggle faced for going above family tradition;

The flashbacks just came across her eyes;

But has faith on her training, teaching.

Daughter is not yet home;

Time for arrival has already exceeded;

Mother’s hands began to vibrate;

While receiving the phone call.

She rushed to the destination;

She is devastated with a sight of a bus;

Daughter’s bus has met with an accident.

Chaos everywhere, passengers are injured.

But hears a weeping noise of daughter from a corner;

Motherly affection inspires to run to the noise;

Despite the gift of weak legs due to the age.

But…there is a sigh of relief in her,

As she sees the daughter crying safe with just a knee injury.


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