Her dilemma: To choose the stream

Riddle was her situation

Dilemma every child faces,

Options are wide

But the selection is tough,

Puzzled eyes unable to find right path

Listened to all advices with patience

But became speechless when asked…


State of mind was not in tune

Probably undergoing incubation period,

It appeared burdensome task to her

Began criticizing tedious policy,

System that prevailed since ages

Obstacle every student must have faced.


Only one stream to opt between

Science, Commerce and Arts,

Tough decision to make

How would a little child know,

What is she actually good at?

Sometimes liking towards teacher

Lured her to like the subject too.

Not even aware topic she is fond of

At times performed extracurricular activities,

Also persuaded by parents.


But time was scarce

Final date for admission would wait for none,

She finally chose the stream

Suggested by the rest…

Pathetic was her condition in those days

Behaved like a dumb girl,

Battle of mind and emotion

Neurons hardly worked…

But she had to choose….


Whom to blame????

The system or the society???

Or her inability to know own potential???


Image courtesy:  MeetingsNet


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