Let the girl fly

Certain things she could not swallow

Just completed studies like a studious nerd

Excellent at other activities, micro managing things

Had vision, dreams, aspired to achieve them

Yet to learn pros and cons of life!!!!


Began a journey as an employee soon

Understood that path is rough very soon

Had faith to grasp them all and succeed

But age on the verge to settle down

As per the society, search began

Disciplined girl could not raise voice

Parents thoughts differed,

May be the generation gap !!!!


Date was fixed, people from foreign land to arrive

Naive girl was asked to dress up well, behave well

Young girl kept calm, didn’t know to resist all !!!

But thoughts kept on lingering in her mind…


Person from different nation? OMG, tough task to handle…

Will I be able to open up? Will he be faceless or sentimental?

How will I read a stranger? How will I communicate?

How will this subdued nature converse to a stranger?

Will her dreams to progress come to an end?

Will the family or person understand if I speak up?

Am I allowed to speak? Will my parents like it?


Why can’t she be given a time to give it a thought???

Why can’t she be allowed to think of all this later????

Why can’t she pursue her dreams???

Why can’t she settle later???


Such thoughts jumbled up her mind….Puzzled her…

Age has no bar…

Let her absorb things of life…Struggle, Politics, Chaos…

Let her digest all aspects of life…Respect, Emotions, Guidance…

Let her experience & retain all of these…

Let the girl fly & discover things …..


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