She found positivity in betrayal too…

Betrayed – Trust

Just two contradictory words but goes together.

“There is a feeling of being betrayed when you trust someone.”

“When you trust someone, either that person lives with you or you learn a lesson of your life.”

“There is a feeling of trust, loyalty, honesty and much more from one end.”

“And when there is betrayal, there is disappointment, sadness, depression, loss of emotions, loss of forgiveness and much more. But these are all sign of negativity, one begins imbibing.”


“How long will it last??? Is the goodness in you gone??? Hasn’t it filled you with toxicity???”

These simple thoughts hammered her.

She realised that,”Such people enter your life for some reasons, you are not aware of. Sometimes we are their helper or it is vice versa. May be they had come to help you grow, certain aspects which were yet to be learnt. Why blame them??? ”

She realised, “They helped you love again…the feeling that was vanished in you since years. May be God didn’t want you to be together, may be that was not in your destiny. They may not stay with us, but we are all carrying their memories with us for good. May be that is called cosmic relation created by God or Universe.”

She realised, “If she can handle this Pressure with Patience and find some Positivity out of it, then then there is definitely some hidden Power in her.”

Strength of P’s, “Pressure, Patience, Positivity, Power” 

She realised, ” Just have faith in God and move on with tremendous Patience instilled in you as always…”

Image courtesy: Odyssey

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