She now lives with radiant smile

Manipulation, Malpractices

Trauma, Torture, Tragedy

Were never a part of her dictionary.

Constant Nagging, Shouting, Dominance

Were again not her thing to deal with.

Positive mind tried to sustain, worked hard to settle,

But could sort them all only for a while.

Continuous contemplation created chaos.

Things kept on repeating

Road seemed tough & hard,

Efforts seemed all in vein.

Guileless mind began analysing

Toxic personalities she lived with,

Thoughts to leave that world arose in mind.

But restrained with fears of society and ethics,

But parents & well-wishers provoked her not to suffer.

Puzzled brain almost got stagnant…

How will she survive???

How will she face the world???

On the verge of depression…

But inner belief reminded her,

“Sun is alone too, but still smile”

With great confusion, conclusion was made,

She finally leaves malignant world.

She now lives with radiant smile…










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