Alone – A boon ???

Alone, Aloof, Attitude

Solitary, Stubborn, Shrewd

Were the froth allegation put on her

Expected life was just contradiction

Dull, disrespect was confirmation

Ways blocked to vent out emotion

Throat choked with suffocation


Disputes of wise versus foolish thoughts

Daily quarrels hauled her charm

Daily fights inchoated luminescent mind

Dealing with thwarts was tough

Language and action were rough


Decides to call it quits…


Felt lonely initially, path was uneven

But a warrior can’t get demotivated

Faith and patience boosted her

Hidden, unknown talent supported her

Creative composition pleased her

Churning conversation reinforced her

Frigid mind was actually a fertile land


Now she feels…

Wasn’t quitting a boon?

Wasn’t it an opportunity?

Boon or opportunity, very few are blessed with…

A blessing to explore her ownself,

A priviledge to love her ownself….


She now realizes…

Difference between ‘ Being lonely and being alone…


Often murmurs…

“It’s better to be alone than being with fake people”.


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