She longed peace,she could cease…

She often wondered to wander…

To move with a sole that could fill a soul

To move with heel that could heal

Being hale desired to wet in hail

Was bored working on same board

Stationery world made her stationary

Wanted to rush as the wind could gush

Longed peace, she could cease…


Not with reed to read them

Not with crew to sail for cruise

Not on a peak just to peek

Not on plain land through plane

Not to check things that worked on cheque

Longed peace, she could cease…



To an area to write right

To capture scene, never seen

With a herd to be heard well

With a nose who knows to smell

Some area to sum up all this

Longed peace, she could cease…



Could find a place with nothing to be fined

Led to her room with lead on hand

Under the ceiling to scribble her sealing

With noone to disrupt or irrupt her thoughts…

To write down her right thoughts….

As she longed peace, she could cease …

Image courtesy : Book in a box



6 thoughts on “She longed peace,she could cease…

  1. I loved how you played around with homophones you used, beautiful work.

    I would love to see you over at my blog sometimes. I welcome your thoughts on my work. Feel free to tell me what you think in the post comments. Happy blogging!


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