Passionate love…

Depleted with work

Decides to lie down

Resolves to do the rest later

Often complains

Has lost the swiftness

But body needed rest

Consoles herself due to age…


But hears a crying sound from upstairs

Noone at home, but how to mount???

Part of her crank, no longer serves well

Due to pain on the knee, is in fret


Resolves to climb, holds the strands of ladder

Begins to crawl like a child

With much scuffle and consolation

Finally reaches the destination.


Perspiring lot, yet begins with lullaby

Humming in between

Some lyrics of the song forgotten

She glimmers after a while

As the granddaughter fell asleep.


She now reminisces her battle minutes ago

Feels granddaughter was a genie to her !!!!

Image courtesy: Alamy


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