Quote that brought back her smile…

Cur, Jealousy, Thwarts, Toxicity

Goes parallel with negativity

Emotions that drenches positivity

Drains away the ability to scrutinize

Cultivated mind becomes a barren land


Human tantrums that seemed weird to her

Disruptive thoughts that haunted her

While relaxing on a bench

In a garden near to a rivulet

Place that calmed her

Silence that replenished her

Cool breeze that softened her


Abrupt glance at flowers

Caught her attention

Droplets enhanced their glory

Gazing on notable creations of nature

Just mere observance illuminated her

IMG 1.jpg

Inspired her to capture them all

Recalled a quote that summed up all

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms”

Just a quote that brought back her lovely smile…

IMG 3.jpg

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